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Contact me today at Prime Legal Nurse Consulting in Edina, Minnesota to schedule an appointment. Discuss the settlement case you’re handling with me and allow me to provide you with the industry-specific information you need to build your client’s case.

Where My Expertise Matters

As your licensed legal nurse consultant, I function as a knowledgeable medical resource person enlightening you about certain medical terms, practices, standards, compliance requirements, and procedures. With the information and advice I offer, lawyers and attorneys acquire a proficient understanding of technicalities critical to championing their clients’ settlement cases.

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I provide the following services:
1. Attend independent medical examinations.

2. Construct case timelines and chronologies.

3. Define the standards of care.

4. Detail the breaches in standards of care.

5. Locate expert witnesses.

6. Provide nursing and medical research to establish the scientific basis of any case (via phoned-in consultations).

7. Review and analyze medical records for deviations in the standards of care.

8. Review medical examinations and reports independently.

9. Screen and review cases to determine those that merit filing in court.

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