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Get Sound Advice from Shawn Wallington, LNC 

When representing clients in medical malpractice or personal injury settlement cases, it is important for any legal practitioner to be well-versed with specific healthcare industry terms, procedures, technicalities, and language. This way, they may be able to present any client’s
case articulately.

As a legal nurse consultant at Prime Legal Nurse Consulting in Edina, Minnesota, I offer more than 22 years of clinical experience and knowledge. For information and advice crucial to achieving your legal objective, I can be called on to provide such.

Initiative, Dedication, and Ethics 

I work closely with lawyers and attorneys. I can be asked for advice or information remotely (by phone). In cases where I need to attend trials in the various compact states where the validity of my services applies, expect me to render such with unflagging dedication. Focused on professional consistency, I take the initiative and follow ethical practices.

Areas of Expertise

I have been a nurse for more than 21 years. My clinical expertise covers the following areas:

  • Administration and Informatics
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Long-Term Care
  • Managed Care
  • Medical Care
  • Perioperative Care
  • Primary Care
  • Public Health
  • Sub-Acute Care
  • Surgical Care

The Informed Medical-Legal Adviser’s Mission 

I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve colleagues in management and supervisory roles. I am also a masters-prepared nurse with an emphasis on nursing education.

I am the mother of a daughter, and a sassy Siamese cat. When I am not busy providing medical care, I sew, read, or travel. I will be delighted to have an opportunity to provide the vital medical-legal connection for client success.

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